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CW: Vomit, Death/Corpses, Religion, Homophobia + Transphobia (Implied)

A 2 Page Dungeon With...

  • Rumors and Loot
  • Themes and Meaning
  • One NPC (A Butch That Wants to Kill You!)


Abbey Picture from Unsplash

Dicey Font from Speak the Sky (CC BY 4.0 Liscense)

Dungeon Map from Watabou

Compatible With B/X and My Game Troupe


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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(2 edits)

Oh wow, this is so juicy!

One thing: I think the numbers are out of order in the summary list in the beginning?

Also, why is it a one-dude dungeon?

I have so many questions!


The rumours are 1d6. There is typo on Grutist, altar should be room 5. It is a One Dude Dungeon because there is only one NPC. As for other questions, ask away ~

Ahhhhhh ok! I feel a bit silly now :) Thank you.