A Supplies Rule for OSR and Other Games
A Great Depression Pseudo Sequel to Troupe
A Game of Dimensional Crossing Over
A Game of Messy Queers and Ghosts
Murderhobo Without the Murder!
An Out of This World Dungeon for Troupe and Cairn
36 Beasts From the World of Troupe
A Method For The Contacting and Summoning of Entitites
An ultralight homage to Earthbound and others
A BEATstiary for Cairn and other Oldschool Games
A One Dude Dungeon for Troupe and B/X
A Bronze Age Game of Doom and Prophecy
A short lyric game about being a witch.
A Roleplaying Game of Marine Horror

Troupe and Scrubsystem

Troupe and other Scrubsystem games, made in conjunction with . My biggest project to date.

Free Stuff!

My free offerings. A bunch of games are in "Da Free Stuf", so look there if you want a sample of my work.


Dungeons and Locations

Dungeons, Locations, Locales - You Get the Idea!


Bestiaries written to albums!

Tasting Menus

Miscellaneous paid games, unconnected by theme or mechanics.

Story and Lyric

Story heavy or lyric games with little to no focus on traditional gameplay. Both paid and free.

Video Games

Favorite Stuff By Other People!